Motivation Monday: Finish Line Ahead

Motivation Monday: Finish Line Ahead

As usual, I have been filled with excuses for my cheats. My birthday was a week ago and of course I had to celebrate it on more than one day. While I was very conscious of what I was eating, my liquor consumption was through the roof. I’ll be shocked if I post a loss today.

One of the most important reasons I wanted to get to a healthy weight was to try and control my endometriosis as extra weight produces more estrogen and excess estrogen is what feeds endo. Now that I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight, I thought I would do a little “test” to see if anything has gotten better by ditching my birth control for a month. I’m sad to say the endo pain was worse than ever.

I am very adamant about controlling my endo holistically. I haven’t enjoyed being on medication for it and I will do ANYthing to try and control it another way.  This week I will be visiting my chiropractor for the first time since I was 9 months pregnant. He played a significant role in helping me with the pelvic bone pain I was experiencing in late pregnancy (seriously… I could barely walk before seeing him). While I’m not sure an adjustment will work, I have heard great things about acupuncture for endo and I am definitely going to talk with him about that and any other holistic options.

Another factor that I hadn’t considered is how the soy protein in my Medifast diet has been affecting my condition. Dr. Google tells me that those suffering from endo should avoid soy and gluten like the plague. Has my fabulous weight loss plan been worsening my condition? I was lucky enough to get a Medifast counselor today whose specialty is in holistic medicine and she was thrilled to hear that I was looking to control my condition naturally through diet and other means. She agreed that we need to cut down some of the soy and while I wasn’t thrilled with the options available to me, I am willing to give them a try if it will help reduce my pain. Of course, the sooner I get to goal, the sooner I can be done eating Medifast meals so truthfully, I may just suck it up, eat what I like on the program and just get through it. 

To my surprise, I lost 1 pound (laugh it up… but considering the way I conducted myself this last week, it is a victory). I am down 31.3 pounds on Medifast. 51.3 pounds total since January 2011.


7 measly pounds!! I lost that in my first week on Medifast and now it won’t go away?? So frustrating. Yes, I know it is hardest to lose the last 10 lbs but I am SO ready to be done.The finish line is straight ahead and dang it, I will make it through.

My goals this week:
1) On my honor: I will not cheat on my diet. Not even a little. 100% Medifast this week.
2) As per my Medifast counselor, I am to add 15 minutes of sauna time to my 3 workouts this week. She says it will help to detox (since I DID drink a lot over the last week…) and it is anti-inflammatory and should help with my endo.
3) Stay happy & positive! I’ve got this!

What are your goals this week?

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