Motivation Monday: WHY?!!

Motivation Monday: WHY?!!

I’ve already lost track how many weeks I have been in transition on Medifast. 4? 5? I do know that I got to add in grains last week. I may have gone overboard in my excitement for cereal, bread and pasta. I’m not talking the bad-for-you stuff, but the whole grain good choice kind.

My issue? Lack of tracking.

I always knew that reaching goal was going to pose these kinds of problems. I would get complacent in my journaling and pretend like I know what I’m doing. Granted I was told that I could gain a few pounds when grains come back in the mix as my body tries to figure out what the hell I’m doing to it, but FIVE pounds? 5.5 to be exact. I about died when I saw 157 on the scale this week. Then I began to freak out. I did NOT do all this work over the last 6 months to gain it back!

My counselor calmed me down (at least enough to get a normal blood pressure reading). She said the weight gain isn’t that surprising and that my, ahem, monthly friend is probably providing some extra water bloat as well.

Okay, great. My counselor says it’s okay so why am I freaking out still? The scale at home gave me another 3 pounds higher today. 160. I am in WTF mode right now. I haven’t been eating THAT much. Or have I? 9 pounds in a week? Is that even humanly possible? Second guessing my habits, I immediately pulled out the old MyFitnessPal website and app. I started to do some good ol’ tracking. Rather then telling the site that I am in maintenance, I put it back in weight loss mode. Hard core maintenance mode, as in how many calories can I eat to lose 2 pounds a week mode. Compared to the Medifast 900 that I had been doing, I can eat 1200 and be able to lose. Or so they say. So, I’m tracking and watching every last bite that goes into my mouth because I apparently cannot be trusted.

Regardless of what is causing my rapidly rising weight gain, the important thing is that I am conscious (very conscious) of it and plan to do something about it rather than just give up and let it get out of control. I will not fail. I also plan to get daily activity. The nights that are my nights to put the kid to bed are no longer an excuse to do nothing. Even if I run a simple mile, 12 minutes of hard core cardio is better than nothing.

Other than my weight gain freak out, I had a fantastic weekend celebrating my niece’s 1st birthday. I adore my husband’s family so it was a fun day had by all.

Not sure why he was wearing his cap this way but he is hilarious and cute.
Before leaving for the birthday party, I took advantage of some rainy morning snuggling .
My poor guy was sad that he couldn’t swim with the other kids. Stupid swimmer’s ear. 
Even his 96 year old Great Grandma couldn’t cheer him up.
Thankfully, I found a bat and some balls and we played some baseball. 
Of course, it wouldn’t be a first birthday party without the cake smash! 

Despite my failure on the scale, as you can see, it was still a pretty winner of a weekend!

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    I used that MyFitnessPal app too, I really liked it! And I found that honestly tracking what I ate (key word: honestly) helped me lose weight because I became knowledgable about how many calories were in the things I was randomly shoving into my mouth. And I thought twice about eating it if I knew I had to record it.

    Did you know that a small dark chocolate mocha from Caribou has 400 calories?! I hadn't known that either until I started tracking them. Waaah!

    Being on Medifast for the last 6 months, there wasn't much to track. You did their food and that was that. In transition (going back to "real" food) it is soooooo important to journal. I learned the hard way I guess.

    OMG, I die for Caribou drinks. I do the Northern Light lattes but they are still 160 calories that I'm pretty sure I can live without. So hard being Downtown and being tempted by a Caribou in just about every skyway!

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