Hour of Power (NaBlaPoMo Day 4)

Hour of Power (NaBlaPoMo Day 4)

At what time of day do you feel the most energetic and productive?

This is a few days behind… thought I posted this but I didn’t so here is Friday’s topic! 

I had a little bit of a laugh when I decided on my title for today’s topic. I remember back in college, WAY back in the day when Minnesota bars were only open until 1am, around 12:30a (or last call as we all hated to hear), we could fly across the border to Hudson, Wisconsin where the bars were open until 2am. We lovingly referred to this tradition as the “Hour of Power”. That one hour? That was the best one hour of the entire night as we tried to fit as much dancing, picking up guys and shots into one hour. 

Well, a lot has changed in the 14 years since the Hour of Power tradition. Minnesota bars are now open until 2am and I am about to turn 37. Partying until 2am simply does not compute for this old mama, but I do look back on those days with great nostalgia. I also wonder… how was I able to party all night long and get up at 7am for work the next morning? How do I not look more haggard for my 37 years!? My energy as a twenty-something was truly out of this world. 

I am now older (and a shit ton wiser… well… most of the time). My week is centered around a 40+ hour work week and being a parent. At work, I have a few times a day that my productivity usually peaks: 
First thing in the morning- I have digital duties and updates that need to be attended to the minute I get in and get my computer booted up. I am usually motivated enough to go over my list of “to do” items and check my calendar. Then it’s bring on the coffee. 
Midday- I am almost always trying to make deadlines before noon, so my energy usually peaks again from around 10-11:30am until my tummy starts to growl at me. 
Mid-Afternoon- Around 2:30 after my post lunch haze I realize that I only have about an hour and a half left to get things accomplished for the day so I start to crank on my to-do items. By about 3:30 I crash and burn. 

I am rarely energetic and productive in the evening which is hilarious because that is when I get my workouts in. Believe me. It takes a LOT of internal motivation to either hit the pavement/treadmill or get my ass to the gym. I usually feel pretty good after my workouts, but my productivity still sucks. I really just enjoy relaxing and winding down in the evening. 

The weekends are a whole other beast. I’m usually pretty productive in the morning. I see the disaster that has accumulated over the busy week and the Type A in me goes nutzo. The afternoons are pretty low key as that is when the kiddo gets some quiet time (note… this is quiet time. Not nap time. My child… does not do nap time. Ever). Sundays are insanity. Between church, laundry and football (well, at least right now) there is plenty of good energy flowing through the house. 

What does this mean? It means my life is a chaotic mess and I just go with the flow!

When do you feel most energetic and productive? 

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