Month: November 2013

A Baby Sprinkle & Maternity Photos

I have been a bad blogger lately. You would think with all my sitting around at night that I would have plenty of time for blogging, but sadly, that is not the case. So I guess I’m making up for some lost time!

My husband, an aspiring photographer, takes magnificent nature photos. He wants more practice on people photos so I allowed him to take some pictures of me as a maternity shoot. Bringing along the 5 year old posed a few logistical issues, but we ended up with some beautiful shots. I was hesitant to do a photo shoot of any kind in this body, but this is the last time in my lifetime I will ever be pregnant, so a little part of me wants to remember. These were taken at 29 weeks- I feel even a thousand times bigger than this now at 32 weeks! Here is a little sample:

Being that this is my 2nd baby, I was hesitant to allow anyone to throw me a shower. However, with my mom’s heavy persistence, the fact that we gave away the majority of Jack’s baby stuff after being told we’d never have another and that it is a girl- I gave in. I am so very glad I did! It was a wonderful day full of family friends and laughs. Everyone was so generous and I am beyond overwhelmed by all the love and support. I came home with a sea of pink stuff, so if this baby comes out with a penis, we are going to have a major problem!

Top L-R: My BFF, childhood neighbor(!), College roommate, sister, sister-in-law (brother’s wife), MIL & SIL (husband’s mom & sister), dear friend
PNP- biggest pain in the ass to put together EVER. But so cute, right?  We’re ready to bring you home Mackie!