Month: June 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Memorial Weekend Edition

The weekend kicked off on Friday night with a night out with my girlfriends.

We went to see this movie in honor of our friend getting married this August:

Not only was this movie the perfect choice, but heck, it was just nice to see a movie. Why don’t I do this more often??

Saturday: No biggie. Just a couple tornado warnings, some hail and wedding jewelry shopping with my good friend.

Sunday: MN Zoo Day.

Jack was so excited for his first ride on the monorail… but it was sooooooo sloooooow.

Bump! Bump! Bump! Did you ever ride a Wump? Jack thought the camels were Wumps (think One Fish, Two Fish book)

Shark Hunting

Monday: Nickelodeon Universe. In a moment of pure insanity because of the crappy weather, we decided to take a trip to the MOA for some rides. I’m really hoping I didn’t scar my child for life…

This ride actually made Mommy sick.

We took him on the Log Chute. He wasn’t impressed.

1st ever roller coaster ride. This was more his style.

My little guy was checking out this older chick. Such a little mack daddy.

We have no photographic evidence of this, but we made the mistake of taking the boy on the Ghost Blasters ride, thinking he might enjoy blasting the ghosts with the gun. Um. He was terrified of the dark and scary ghosts and cried through the whole ride. We’ll just say that bedtime required a couple extra snuggles that night. I’m hoping he will soon forget the whole trauma.

Overall it was a fabulous weekend. Nothing better than spending time with my little person. He is so much fun.

My husband made this collage of our adventures

God Bless our Troops and God Bless America.