Month: May 2011

God Bless America

God Bless America.

I will say that a thousand times over.

Upon hearing about Osama Bin Laden’s death, I posted these three powerful words on Facebook. Someone actually had the audacity to indirectly SCOLD me for doing so. Say it with me: UNFRIEND. Her argument was that I shouldn’t be celebrating the death of someone.

I’ve taken the last couple days to really ponder what I wanted to say about this subject without starting some kind of human rights, political or religious debate. Let’s face it, I do not talk politics on this blog for a reason.

Upon the death of this evil, murdering terrorist by our American soldiers, HELL YES I am shouting GOD BLESS AMERICA from the rooftops. I am very aware that the freedom I enjoy as an American citizen doesn’t come without a price. I am damn proud to live in this great country and I will support and cheer on those who fight for my freedom and my safety with everything that I have.

I am not celebrating that a person died. I am celebrating that there is one less evil terrorist in this world. I am mourning the loss of those who died on 9/11.

I know that terrorism is not going to end. I know that this horrible man’s death is not going to bring any amount of peace to our tumultuous world and that retribution for his death is coming. I don’t feel any more safe from terrorists today than I did a week ago- I am actually more scared.

So, unfriend, I did not say God Bless America to celebrate and dance on the grave of this person. I am proud of my country. Proud of our soldiers. Proud that we stood up for ourselves. Proud that we stood up and said HELL NO it is not okay that you flew planes into our buildings and into the ground taking the lives of innocent people. People who didn’t deserve to die.