Month: March 2010

Leave Katherine Heigl Alone!

Lately, Katherine Heigl has taken a beating in the blogosphere. Okay, so we all heard the rumors that she was exhibiting all kinds of diva behavior on the set of Grey’s and made some disparaging comments about her Grey’s “story” after turning down an Emmy nomination. That, I get, and rightfully roll my eyes thinking “STFU.”

However, in recent news it has come up that she is leaving Grey’s and her reason: to spend more time with her beautiful, adopted daughter, Naleigh. In the next breath, bloggers are attacking her for being seen out without her daughter! I can pretty much say without a doubt that these bloggers do not have kids. Because, guess what? Yes, we committed, hard-working or SAHM’s DO actually leave the house sometimes *gasp* without our kids. I will even admit to relishing in those moments of Mommy Alone Time. God forbid that Naleigh might have been home with her daddy or *gasp* a nanny. Shit. If I could afford a nanny, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Here’s the deal. I do find Katherine Heigl as an actress a little douchey. As a mother, amazing. Giving that litter girl a home is wonderful. Leaving a very crazy job to be able to spend more time with her? Even more amazing. I give her a lot of credit for stepping away from the oh-so-lucrative Grey’s machine. Just because she officially stepped off the series for her daughter does NOT mean she needs to be with her 24/7 so I say, give Katie a break! Being a mama is not easy and stealing even a moment away is sometimes necessary.

When do the “Mom Pants” begin?

I had this conversation with a girlfriend on Friday night. We were at a nightclub to watch our friend’s band and we noticed a group of women sitting down at a table. They all got up to dance and I said to my friend, “Will you promise to tell me if I ever start looking like a Mom?” She laughed, looking down at the dancefloor, “You mean because of those ladies with the Mom jeans, the Mom hair doing the Mom dance?

I went to the Black Eyed Peas concert last night. We had the very expensive “General Admission” tickets which meant: get to the arena two hours early to ensure a spot up front by the stage. During our 2 hour wait, we struck up a conversation with two 18 year old girls who were attending their first show. I couldn’t decide what was worse- us 30 something girls about to get trampled or these 18 year old girls who were about to get trampled. We listened to them make fun of people’s clothing choices (gee… sounds familiar) and comments like “Why do fat girls wear clothes that show all of their rolls?”. I felt complimented when they said “You don’t look 30.” I then pondered why so many girls where wearing stilettos to a concert where you’ll likely be on your feet busting a move all night long. The time finally came and we shockingly got right in without too much of a ruckus and even more shockingly, made our way easily right to the front of the stage. It wasn’t too long before we realized that we would not move from that location for the rest of the night. It started out okay- we got a beer. Had some fun people watching. Got pissed at the girl next to me who decided that everyone was somehow obligated to save her spot so she could go pee and crushed herself between us. The night began with special guest #1: LMFAO (yes, in text speak that stands for “Laughing My Fucking Ass Off”). And this is where I pondered my clothing choice… Am I wearing the Mom pants? Who are these guys? Why is the girl next to me screaming their lyrics in my ears? Why does she keep screaming “I love you”? Why are they singing about not being a whore?? I was confused. Here is a picture of them:

Ahhh sweet intermission. The pushing eased, people spread out enough to breathe again. The beer guy came back. I swear he came back just for us. I could’ve kissed him. Next up, special guest #2: Ludacris. I’m slightly a little more familiar with Luda, but not enough to be reciting all the words to his raps. Not as much shoving this round and the girl next to me wasn’t screaming AS loud. Is that weed I smell?? Yup. Nasty.

Intermission #2. The shoving begins. By the time the Black Eyed Peas even hit the stage we were shoved together like sardines. I experienced the worst assault on my personal space. However, I was excited. Seeing people THAT famous up close? It was just flipping cool. Sure, I could’ve done without the crazy bitch screaming in my ear or the even crazier loony bitch behind us (where did she COME from anyway??? She wasn’t there the whole show to that point!) who would literally leave her feet to try and jump to the stage- at one point she had her effing arms around me trying to take pictures of Fergie. I made it my personal goal to fuck up every one of her pictures for the rest of the night. Whether it was making crazy dance with my arms, purposely stepping on her toes or knocking her arm out of the way as she lunged towards the stage- I was at my wits end with her.

After it was all said and done, being up front was pretty kick ass.

Yes- that was indeed crazy bitch next to me. By the way, that beer? Ended up on me. Not only that. Pretty sure she wasn’t 21 years of age. I confess that I was super starstruck by Fergie too. By the way, she is absolutely gorgeous and just ridiculous live (yes, she was singing live and I was excited that she threw down Fergalicious and Big Girls Don’t Cry). As fun as I ended up having, I can honestly say that I will never do the General Admission seats again. Between my OCD and claustrophobia, I’m not sure I can risk it.

Anyway… long story short (ha!) it brings me back to the transition to the Mom Hair and the Mom Pants. When does this transition take place? I am 33- I’m trying to think back desperately to when my own Mom was 33 and if she was cool. Anyway- now that I am worried about somehow succumbing to the whole “mom” look, I think I will make a conscious effort to try and stay cool (but, age appropriate).

That’s me on the right- my sister-in-law on the left.

Frustrating day to be an American

I feel like I should take my flag down. I feel like my voice never even was heard. I feel like the government is on their own agenda just trying to prove a point. Obama reminds me of the new “boss” that gets hired that is trying to prove themselves by railroading everyone, just because they can. Because they are the boss.

If I haven’t made it clear enough- I absolutely hate the new healthcare bill. I hate the thought of not being able to get my son healthcare when he needs it (think… waiting for hours or days instead of 30 minutes to be seen by your doctor… ever had to try to keep a toddler calm in a waiting room? Yeah.). I hate that I am the one who is going to have to pay for this! I hate that Obama has made it impossible to even consider living the American Dream, because those who have the dream get taxed for it.

Then there is a friend of mine who will die with love for Obama. She is exactly that person who I am paying for. I asked her the other day- so should I just write you a check? She chuckled and said, “That’s not how it is.” I chuckled back, “Think again my friend. Think again.” She is that naive person who just thinks this “change” that we keep hearing about has no cost. Who does she think is going to pay for this “free” healthcare?? As she fumbled over her words during this debate, I continued to shake my head. Then I shook it ’til I was dizzy when she went outside for a cigarette, her drink in the other hand. So this person, who leads an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle- drinking, smoking, staying out all hours of the night- wants free healthcare. I’m not sure she realizes it, but it won’t be free, and if she says no to the “free” plan, the price will be even greater in penalties.

I usually do a little bit of eye-rolling at Rush Limbaugh as he is SO over the top, but I’ll have to agree with him here:

“A majority of the American people understand it and know it and are outraged by this.  Americans are now eagerly awaiting their insurance premiums to be reduced by $2500 a year.  Obama has been promising this since his presidential campaign of 2008.  Americans are now eagerly awaiting for all of the uninsured to magically have health insurance.  The American people are now waiting for their premiums to magically go down, for their access to go up.  I was listening to some of the Democrats in the media last night. Juan Williams on Fox was just excited. “Oh, my God, this is so wonderful! It’s so wonderful! No more preexisting conditions! No more preexisting conditions! Everybody gets insurance,” and I’m saying, “Does anybody not understand economics here?”  We’re not even talking about an insurance business anymore.

What’s happened here is not insurance. Insurance is you insure yourself against a catastrophe, something that might happen to wipe you out.  This is not insurance.  This is simply the insurance companies being captivated or taken over by the government and having their behavior mandated for the express purpose of putting them out of business.  Under this bill, as I told you last week, you don’t have to buy insurance.  You can wait until the accident or the illness happens and then buy it that day, and they have to sell it to you. No matter what. If you get terminal cancer and the doctor gives you three months, they have to sell you your coverage.  Except you’re not going to have to buy it.  If you can’t afford it, we — all your neighbors — will.  No insurance company can stay in business doing this.

It’s the same thing with preexisting conditions. No preexisting condition? The liberals keep talking about automobile insurance companies.  What happens to you, you have an automobile policy, you’re driving around, and you have an accident and you do a lot of damage?  Hey, guess what?  You are a higher risk. Your auto insurance premium goes up, right?  Why shouldn’t that happen with health care?  Why shouldn’t it? (whining) “It’s not fair? No, it’s not fair!” Well, it won’t now. It won’t now.  So, yeah, preexisting conditions are going to be covered, but who’s going to pay for this?  Insurance premiums are going to skyrocket in the next couple of years until they are out of business and the government steps in to take over with the…public option.  Which is just waiting a couple of months, couple of days, couple years down the tracks. It’s just waiting for this to happen because this bill mandates the destruction of the private health insurance business.” 

Being American

Most people who know me know that I am a quiet Republican. I don’t get too bogged down in the debates that are out there and I don’t like to start arguments. I do know that I believe strongly in American freedom. I do know that I don’t want the government taking over so many aspects of my life- one important one being Health Care. I have said it before and I will say it again, I do not want anyone to dictate who, where and how I receive my medical care. I don’t want to be forced into a government health plan with government rules. I agree there needs to be changes, but not the ones that are being proposed today. I have a LOT of liberal friends. When I say a LOT I mean, I am a minority amongst my friends as a conservative. They talk a lot of shit. They show no action.

Like I said, I’m not the most verbal when it comes to politics. But when I believe in something, I say something. I also know that we should tell the people we vote into office how we feel, serving as proof how we as Americans really feel about the issues (as opposed to some of the ridiculous polls that are out there). I recently signed a petition and sent e-mails voicing my disdain with the current health care bill that is on the table. I was very happy to receive this response back (I received nothing from the Dem leaders… just sayin’). I know this is probably a stock response, but it is a response nonetheless and it is nice to know that someone is listening. So SPEAK UP people!! If you hate this bill as much as I do, don’t sit there and whine about it,  SAY SOMETHING! 


March 18, 2010

Dear Mrs. Koenig:

Knowing of your concern regarding the government takeover of health care, I wanted to update you on developments related to the health care debate in the House of Representatives. 

As you may know, House Democratic leadership has decided to utilize an arcane procedural maneuver to protect Democrat lawmakers who are voting for health care over the objection of their constituents. Named the “Slaughter Rule” after House Rules Committee Chairwoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY), this tactic would “deem” the Senate health care bill passed by the House, without a vote, upon passage of the Reconciliation legislation. 

The American people have made it abundantly clear they do not want this massive government takeover of health care.  That is why Democrats feel compelled to resort to gimmicks to force this bill through the House. 

As reported by the Washington Post, Speaker Pelosi clarified her true feelings on the Slaughter Solution: “I like it,” she said, “because people don’t have to vote on the Senate bill.” 

As a retired Colonel in the Marine Corps and now a Member of Congress, I have spent my career supporting and defending the Constitution.  Article I, Section 7 of the United States Constitution explicitly states that all legislation should be subject to a vote with the yeas and nays recorded.  Accordingly, I cosponsored a resolution (H.Res. 1188) that would prevent the Speaker from bypassing an up-or-down vote on the health care bill. 

Please be assured I will continue to fight against a government takeover of health care.  While we need health care reform, it is more important to get it right than to get it done right away.  As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have.


Member of Congress

What is Going On?

I am just a cluster of emotions in announcing that our dear friends had their baby this past Friday. Baby Liam was born just shy of the 32 week mark- he is 3lbs 9oz and thankfully, breathing all on his own. So tiny! So precious! I want to be happy for my friends but I am sure they are so very scared right now. I saw her post on Facebook that she is home without Liam. It made me so sad- if I could’ve reached through the computer to give her a hug, I would have. Sounds to me like Liam is a big fighter and I’m sure he’ll do just fine but still sending out so many prayers.

Also over the weekend, my dad went into the hospital as he was having chest pains. Everything turned out to be just fine, but it dawned on me that I’m getting to that age where my parents are no longer invincible or immortal. His situation is a reminder of how important diet and exercise is and that the benefits are more than just being skinny, but overall effect your entire health and well-being. I almost lost my mom a couple times when I was a kid, once to a kidney defect and the other to cervical cancer. I’m no stranger to parental medical issues, but it still scares me and bothers me.

Speaking of health and fitness… I’ve been a crazy woman lately. I’m a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding. I thought I had until at least May or June before I’d be fitted in a bridesmaid’s dress. I was wrong. I have ONE MONTH. So, I’ve chosen a rather difficult and in my world, nearly impossible goal of losing 10lbs and 1 dress size. I’ve been at the gym a ton over the past week and am following WeightWatchers religiously. Hopefully this week I’ll see more than the measly 1/2 lb loss that I saw this past week. Ugh! Going back to the gym though… I have a few pet peeves:

  1. The locker room. I get it. The place where you get changed, shower, take a hot tub or steam room and at some point have to flash a little bit of nudity. Is it really necessary to walk around buck? Put a towel on! The other day, I turned the corner and low and behold: naked woman with her FOOT UP ON THE BENCH showing off all her old girly goodies slathering lotion on. WTF. Do some people have no shame? Or then there is the person who picks the locker right next to yours. Really? There are like a thousand others and you pick the one right next to me. OR the person who hangs out in the locker room- just sitting there reading or playing with their cell phone. Privacy please!! 
  2. Not cleaning off the equipment after you’re done using it. Gross. Do I really want to touch your sweaty treadmill? Take 30 seconds and wipe it down. Lazy. 
  3. Speaking of lazy… what is with the people who will sit and wait for the parking spot up front? You’re at the GYM. Park a little further away and WALK. 
  4. I am all about my personal space when it comes to Group Fitness classes. My class on Saturday is very popular and packed. Getting there early to secure a spot for your step in the back or by a wall is hugely important (easy water access for us major out of shape folk). Don’t squeeze your step in somewhere where it is obvious you will plow over your neighbor if you make even the slightest mistake and go right instead of left. Or then there is the person at Cardio Kickboxing that stands RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. I’m in the back row. I can’t go back any further. I am going to get kicked. It is inevitable. 
  5. The super ultra-skinny girls in the cute outfits. I know, I know…  you’re hot. We all see that. Now can you just throw on a t-shirt and sweats like the rest of us? 

Layla Grace

I only found out about Layla a few weeks ago and strangely enough, from my husband who has been following her story on Twitter. Layla, just a mere 2 1/2 years old, died from cancer early this morning.

As I read the Twitter feed and the blog posts my heart just broke in a million pieces. No child, no parent should ever have to endure what Layla endured. If ever there was an angel on earth it was her. The purpose: to tell a story. To bring hope. To remind moms and dads all over the world to cherish and love your children. To remind everyone that our time here is short and to live every day to the fullest.

After hearing of Layla’s passing, I’ve been in a funk all day. My heart heavy, I went to pick up Jack from daycare. Greeted with a huge and awesome smile, he ran up to me full speed and gave me the biggest hug and kiss. It made my whole day. The hubs ended up having to work a little longer then expected tonight, so it was just the two of us. We had a great time running around the house, dancing to Lady Gaga, splashing around during bathtime and I made it a point to spend a little extra time snuggling before bedtime.

I’ll be the first one to confess that I complain a lot about the little things. Layla helped me put things into perspective. Today, my heart and my prayers belong to Layla, her mommy and daddy, and her sisters. May they find peace in their hearts and know how even in a very short time, the impact she had on so many lives. Whether it was for childhood cancer awareness or even just being a reminder to give you babies an extra kiss and to just plain slow down to smell the roses.

Be at peace Layla.

And the frustration settles in…

If I do say so myself, I think I’ve done a pretty bang up job running my company’s marketing department while my colleague has been away on maternity leave. However, I think I may have reached a sort of breaking point. Since I’m not her, I don’t have regularly scheduled meetings with the big man nor am I on the calendar for the regular management meetings so I am now missing out on things that I should be involved in. Big decisions that involve marketing are being missed entirely because… well, I’m not her. You know, I get it. She’s coming back in 4 weeks. Why not keep marketing on life support until the true leader comes back, right? No. Not how it should work. I don’t understand why I’ve suddenly been given the brush off, but I am frustrated and am started to feel like I’m failing at this big task that has been given to me. On top of just making some big decisions, I have to actually DO the work behind the big decisions and it is finally all catching up to me. I bit off more than I could chew and yes, despite my earlier rantings about how I wanted this job and how I loved and craved the control of being in charge, I have reminded myself why I hate it too. I hate the politics. Women in business always in the backseat. Always on the backburner. I hate that our coordinator has decided to take advantage of a flexible schedule. Of course it is okay to leave at 4 or even 3 every once in awhile, but 2? To go CAR shopping? Really?? What the hell do I say or do with that? I know I haven’t been the greatest leader. I know she’s probably bored right now. I know I didn’t delegate some of my prior responsibilities as I should’ve, but, I don’t want to let go of them either in fear that I will lose them altogether and once again, jeopardize my job. Regardless… I’ll be happy when the next month is over and I can go back to what I do best. Being creative. I am happy to take direction and let someone else take the heat for the bills and for the decisions that were made that are suddenly being questioned although they are approved. I do have a whole new respect for being in that position. It is definitely not a fun time. Overall, I am grateful for the experience. To know that I am capable of being in charge is a big deal for me. It means I can eventually move on.

All of this work stress has leaked into other areas of my life too. I take it out on my husband, I save all my smiles for my little boy. I blew off a girl’s weekend in Chicago. I never see my family. I’m so tired by the time the weekend comes that I have no desire to be busy with anything fun. NOT GOOD. There are some things to look forward to though. The hubs and I are planning a getaway. First full weekend away from our baby. I am excited and terrified all at the same time. I do know that I need this. I know that WE need this.

In other news… also stress related… A couple weeks ago I attended my brother’s engagement party. He is getting married in November and I am indeed a bridesmaid. I am honored and horrified all at the same time. There were pictures taken. Lots of them. I hated all of them. It is my SOLEMN VOW that I will not be the fat bridesmaid. The only way I will allow fatness is if I’m pregnant (which I’m sure will earn me a ticket directly on the door out of the wedding party). I have recommitted to WeightWatchers for about the fiftieth time. But the pictures did it for me. Do I really look like that? Ugh. Enough is enough.