Month: September 2007

Love & Marriage

I know… it has been awhile since I last checked in.

So, the most recent development in life is that we have decided to sell our house and move south. Okay… south as in the other side of the Twin Cities. Times have changed since the last time we sold. Firstly and most importantly is the downsizing and staging that is required by nearly all realtors now.

What is staging you ask? It is hours and hours of painstaking labor. It is a test of even the best marriages. In a matter of a few weeks we have managed to paint every room in our house, pack up as many trinkets and trash as we could- leaving no mark of anything personal about the people we are, vacuumed up at least 10 pounds of dog hair, put up new blinds, remodeled our bathroom… you name it, we’ve done it. The house really is starting to look pretty amazing, not enough to want to stay in it, but definitely enough to sell. A few final touches and we should be ready to SELL SELL SELL!!!

I laughed at the cartoon because in the midst of all this packing, cleaning and painting were two very cranky, tired individuals: me and my husband. The claws have come out, the words- not so nice. About a week ago, I had made a half-assed attempt to put up decor in my office. I didn’t measure, I didn’t tweak, I just threw the sconces up on the wall and said “hey, not half bad for eyeballing it.” My husband in all his blunt glory said in response, “They look awful.” Being the emotional being I am took this as the last straw. In silence, I crawled into bed pulled the covers over and turned my back to his side not uttering another word, crying myself to sleep. The next morning, still pissed, didn’t say goodbye and went about my day. Later that afternoon, I get a call. My husband says, “I knew you were pissed when you didn’t say goodbye, but when I saw that you didn’t make coffee, I knew I was in trouble.” hehe

So the lesson of the day to all you men out there. Whether or not you feel you were wrong or right, whether your wife is wrong or right, ALWAYS SAY YOU’RE SORRY. I’m never one to hold a grudge anyway, but he could’ve shaved 12 hours of pure bitter anger by just saying “I’m sorry” and nothing else. It has been FIVE AND A HALF YEARS and he still doesn’t have that move down!!! Maybe in 10 he will get it!

Regardless, selling and moving is a hugely stressful time. We may fight like cats and dogs right now but deep down, we’re still madly in love with each other!