Month: August 2007


Not pregnant. Again.
Cartoon on the left says it all. Good thing my husband is out of town- he doesn’t have to deal with my wrath!
Happy Monday.

It’s That Time Again

You know… that time of the month when I start getting all crazy thinking that I might be pregnant even though two years of not getting pregnant should really make me think otherwise.

This month is no exception. I have no reason to think I might be pregnant other than the fact that we did the deed. Timing wasn’t great, BBT has been erratic, yet here I am about to delve into comparing my BBT chart with preggo BBT charts. Will I ever learn? Or is this just the way life is for me now?

A part of me cares. I mean, I certainly would love to be a mother, but… there is that other nagging part of me which is saying that it is okay if it doesn’t happen. I’d love to say it will happen when I’m least expecting it, but I’m always expecting it!

On another note, my best friend just got engaged to her boyfriend of 2+ years!! CONGRATS GIRLFRIEND!!! Here’s hoping for a Jamaican wedding next fall!


Wow. I love this version of Umbrella.

Storms & Amateur Video

Every summer, my husband looks forward to severe thunderstorm season. I think the cartoon sums it up best- he is the guy sticking his head out the window with his video camera in the middle of 70 mph winds, searing rain and cloud to ground lightning.
Last night, the Twin Cities area (specifically the northern suburbs) got hit with two lines of severe storms. The first brought with it golf ball sized hail. While that isn’t normally that huge a deal, the fact that it hailed that size hail for more than 15 minutes is. How the windows didn’t shatter is beyond me. It was the loudest, scariest noise I have ever heard hitting my house and the first time I have taken cover since I was maybe a small kid. My dog and I hovered in the basement hallway not sure whether the windows would break or the roof would cave in. It was surreal. That was just the first storm. The next one to come along wasn’t as exciting- a lot of lightning, some good wind gusts and a LOT of rain. We were grateful that our windows stayed in tact- I’m not sure how we would’ve managed the next set of storms had we sustained more damage. On the negative side, one of our gutters busted a leak and water was absolutely spewing everywhere from it. Not good.
After getting to bed at 1am and up again at 5:30a for work, the morning light showed what damage was done. As if it were a fall day, there were leaves everywhere littering yards and streets. Leaves lined up in perfect rows on the yards marking how far the flood line extended. Our house showed the large indentations from the golf ball sized hail that pummeled it for 15+ minutes straight. The roof damage has yet to be assessed. Shock and awe at the power of the storm were evident by the looks on our faces. We are lucky it wasn’t worse. Our family is still safe and our home is still safe.
I tell this story, because I tease my husband about his obsession with videotaping storms. Mostly, he is a weather nerd and is amazed by them and wants to get as many hits on YouTube as humanly possible. For once, his nerdiness came in handy. The insurance company will be unable to deny our claim for new siding and a possible new roof because we have the entire storm on video.

Nerd Post of the Day- Josh Groban Concert

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a deep appreciation for the arts. While I grew up listening to Madonna and Bon Jovi, my heart belonged to Bach and Mozart. I am a musician- I have played the piano, flute and clarinet in my 31 years but most important and dear to my heart is singing. I took 10 years of vocal training, sang in countless weddings and performed with a touring choir throughout college. Singing is my soul and my passion.

I’ve been ripped endlessly for my odd obsession with Josh Groban. I recently went to his concert here in St. Paul and it was, by and far, THE best show I have ever been to. Despite the endless teasing from my husband, I am NOT ashamed to say how much I enjoyed it although I may have been one of the youngest people at the show. Coming from a classically trained vocalist such as my self, Josh’s voice is the epitome of everything we singers strive to be- pure and utter perfection. For two hours, I sat mesmerized by not only the show itself, but by the fact that he was flawless. He didn’t make mistakes- at least, none that I was able to hear. Not only that, but he was charming and funny. I was mildly surprised that I had as much fun as I did at a Josh Groban concert.

Besides my great appreciation for his talent, his music moves me. Stemming back to my wedding, I used a number of his songs in both my ceremony and for my reception- I walked down the aisle to his “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” and also used his version of “The Prayer” during the lighting of the unity candle. I danced my first dance to “When You Say You Love Me” and my husband danced with his Mom to “You Raise Me Up.” His song, “Remember When It Rained” reminds of my my angel baby and now, “Lullaby” also touches my heart as well as I work through the struggles of infertility. So, yes, his music means the world to me. Not only is he just horribly, utterly romantic but his music speaks of love and hope.

So even though the concert was attended by a much older generation than I, which caused what you can imagine the worst traffic nightmare ever trying to get out of there, it was worth all the time and money to see one of my vocal idols live in concert. I would highly recommend this show to anyone!

Lyrics to “Remember When It Rained”

Wash away the thoughts inside
That keep my mind away from you.
No more love and no more pride
And thoughts are all I have to do.
Remember when it rained
Felt the ground and looked up high
And called your name.
Remember when it rained
In the darkness I remain.
Tears of hope run down my skin.
Tears for you that will not dry.
They magnify the one within
And let the outside slowly die.


My quick plug of the day…

The biatch morning DJ I complained about in a couple of my posts? She is no longer on the air- another gal (COOL ass gal) is in her place and all of her pictures have been taken off of the radio Web site. Coincidence? Perhaps some radio execs finally saw the light and fired her idiot ass. Bye Bye Cheryl K! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass!!!

One more drink saved my husband’s life.

Guardian Angels

I know I blog and bitch about a lot of things; however none of it means anything when real life and death hangs in the balance.

Tonight, something tragic and horrific happened right here in my hometown. The bridge which runs over the Mississippi River and into Downtown Minneapolis collapsed tonight at 6:10pm central time. To relay how much this incident has shook my world, let me run down the series of events. I arrived home this evening at 6:00pm. I let the dog out, fed her and the phone rang- it was my husband letting me that he was leaving his happy hour. Today was his last day at his job and his co-workers took him out to celebrate his new adventure. I went about my business, started to get dinner ready, cleaned up the kitchen, when my Mom called. Frantically, she wanted to make sure that I had gotten home and that there was an accident on 35W where a bridge collapsed. My heart skipped a beat. I turned on the news and right where my husband should have been at that moment in time was a bridge in the river. Destruction. I felt sick. As if it were a miracle beeping in, I saw his number on the caller ID. He said he’s not there, it wasn’t him on the bridge and he is safe, heading a different direction home. As he was getting ready to leave, he for some reason decided to stay for one more drink. It was that last minute decision that saved his life. I burst out in tears.

It hasn’t been since 911 that I have been so utterly crushed over a tragedy and never before has something hit so close to home. I heard all those stories from New York… the woman who was running late, then man who stopped on the way in to work to get a bandaid for his blister… and now, the “oh okay, I’ll have one more”. Who would’ve thought that alcohol would actually save someone’s life.

I believe that my husband and I have a guardian angel. One that keeps our home safe from storms, keeps us from having a baby before my body is ready, and keeps us safe from terrible tragedies. That angel is my baby in heaven. Thank you baby angel for keeping us safe. I will love you always.