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Thankful Thursday: Easter Sweetness

I was a day late for Wordless Wednesday. Heading into some extremely busy times at work, I thought rather than completely scrap the post, that I would salvage it. Change it into a little bit of Thanks. Remind myself of what I am surrounded by. People who have brought me so much love and confidence. Friends who help me nurture my talents and push me to be better, to step outside of my shell. Believe in me when I can’t find it in me to believe in myself.

From Easter Sunday (that’s me in the middle): 

Thankful for a family who brings me so much overwhelming joy. 

Jack & His Cousins (my sweet nephews)
Hmmm… Easter Egg inside is just not the same
Thankful for my healthy, funny and loving little boy. My constant reminder that miracles really do exist in this world.