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How Did This Happen?

No I’m not asking how I got pregnant. Pretty sure I got the memo on that.

I’m asking how my sweet baby boy got so big, so quickly! He graduated from Pre-Kindergarten a week and a half ago and oh, the pregnant lady hormones were a flowin’ (a.k.a. I cried a lot). I can hardly believe he will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. It is… surreal.

Walking down the aisle. Cue mommy tears. 
Accepting his diploma. More tears. 
He posed after getting his diploma. For a long time. Cue laughter. From everyone. 
His best friend. They have been in the same class since they were infants. 

I’m so proud of him. He has grown up so much, learned so much and is the greatest blessing in my life. I am often overwhelmed by how much I love him. I love being a mommy. I love being his mommy.