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My Child Is Overweight? Really?

I knew it was coming. And even though I knew it was coming, I was still mad.

They told me my gorgeous rough and tumble little boy was overweight.

Does this look like the picture of childhood obesity to you?

I say that I knew it was coming because since about age 1 he has been in the 90th percentile for weight (which is a far cry from the tiny little being he was at months). He is 50% for height, so we can no longer blame the “overweight” thing on him being short. Thing is, as you look at this kid, the last thing I think is that he is overweight. He is rock solid. Six pack abs. So my question is? When are doctors going to start accounting for factors OTHER than BMI to determine obesity risk factors? We were lectured about his eating habits, despite the fact that his school serves a very balanced diet every day. He rarely eats candy. He told the doctor he hated chocolate. He rarely eats chips. Fruit juice gives him the runs. So, doc, go ahead and just TRY to tell us we are doing something wrong here. I dare you.

Our very athletic-built family will NEVER get out of the “overweight” range unless other factors are taken into account. As a pregnant woman, I’ve been getting DRILLED about being “overweight”. Yeah… my weight gain has exploded, but to be honest? I don’t know why. My eating habits are not all that different from where I was prior. Sure, I have had some aversions to my usual favorite vegetables, but I haven’t been THAT bad. Either the sins of my 1st trimester have caught up with me or gaining weight is just what my body does when its pregnant.

I have preached many times over why I loved Medifast so much. They looked at the big picture. Muscle Mass. Body Water. They looked at the body’s total composition before making their final assessment on my final “goal” weight. While BMI was factored in, it wasn’t the be all end all of my overall health. They readjusted my goals to a reasonable place that was RIGHT for my body. Weight Watchers certainly doesn’t do that. So I ask, why can’t a doctor’s office perform these assessments?? I don’t give them enough money already? They can’t afford this equipment? Tell me why?!!

Beyond the “overweight” analysis that I got for my son, they have verified that he is a healthy, vibrant 5 year old boy. His vision and hearing is perfect. He has already blown away 95% of the developmental and physical milestones that he should have reached (or will reach) during age 5. We only have to work on tying shoes 🙂 As anticipated, he had to get 3 vaccines which pretty much knocked him down for the night and earned him a little extra TV time and snuggles from mom.

As always, I feel beyond blessed that my son is healthy and happy. There could be SO many worse things to worry about than my son weighing “more than average”.

A Special Week

The past week (or so) has been a special week.

My first miracle, my Jackson, turned 5 on September 11! While I know so many who are saddened by this date, I feel insanely blessed that he was born on this date because it is now that happiest day ever for me. I’m sure he will learn as he grows up what a dark day this was in our American history; however, I want him to know that because of him being born on Patriot Day, it has become a celebration of life. He’s a miracle.

We held his first ever “friend” birthday a few days before his birthday. We discovered that his birthday is actually at an awkward point in the school year- he moved on from Pre-K to K and left some buddies behind, but we needed all the RSVP’s before he left that class, so what do you do? We did have to cap the number (which annoyed some of the other moms that their child was “forgotten”… seriously??) so we just proceeded with a WTH attitude and made it the best we could for Jackson. We had the party at Pump It Up and despite the choke-able cost, it was great. We didn’t have to do anything except pretty much show up with a cake (which was our choice to bring- they would have done one for us had we asked them to). Jackson does get a little overwhelmed at being the center of attention and seemed a bit frustrated at gift opening time with the kids clamoring around him. Otherwise, it was perfect. He had a great time with his friends and loved every moment of it. Here is some video footage from the day:

Singing Happy Birthday
Yes… the girls were chasing the boys… 

On Wednesday, his actual birthday, we went out for a dinner of his choice, just the 3 of us. He has become obsessed with Chili’s (which is great for this preggo mama because their menu is expansive). Unfortunately, he had swimming that night, so that was pretty much the extent of that birthday night.

Then to cap off all of the celebrating we had a family party for him. Nothing over the top, just grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins. We ate (and for the first time EVER did not have any leftovers!), opened presents and had birthday cake. He LOVED all his presents and loved even more spending time with his family.

What can I say about my little boy. He’s not so little anymore. He is independent and so, so smart. He’s athletic and tough yet a video game nerd at the same time. He’s sweet and sensitive. My favorite? He’s a mama’s boy. He still gives me big hugs and kisses me on the cheek. He always wants to snuggle before bedtime and sit with me to watch a movie. He wants to tag along with me wherever I go. He gets sad if I am gone before he wakes up in the morning.

I know these things won’t last forever, although, I secretly hope they do.
Even when he’s too embarrassed to give his old mom a hug, I will still love him the same.

Oh my little boy how you have rocked my world. I may not have had any clue what to do with you the day you entered this world, but we have figured things out together over the years. I’m so proud of you. Proud that you are smart and funny. Proud that you are excited to be a big brother and share your world with a new little person. You are my heart and soul.

I love you to the moon and back my sweet boy.