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I’m sure like many have, I’ve been following the story of the 13 year old boy who is refusing treatment for cancer because of “religious” reasons. He’s refusing treatment because treatment sucks!! This family hasn’t even remotely been specific as to what kind of “natural” healing they will use to make Daniel better which tells me that the kid is being just that: a kid. The real tragedy here is the that parents are just feeding into it. How could ANY parent just sit there and say no? Gee, let’s see… 90-95% chance of survival with treatment or 95% chance of death without. KID you are getting treatment and that is that. This just in: he is being forced to resume chemo and latest tests show that his tumor is larger than ever. So how did that natural healing go for ya?

It isn’t quite cancer or anything, but Jack happens to be going through a pretty tough round of teething. Memorial Weekend was anything but a fun, family filled time. It was spent with a very upset, crabby child who had no ability to nap on his own and late nights filled with lots of tears. My poor little guy. It just breaks my heart to see him hurting like this. On top of teethers, Motrin, Tylenol… I’m kinda at a loss. Thankfully a Facebook post brought in a lot of pretty cool ideas that I will give a chance if we have another long night tonight. Now that the teeth are poking through, things should start to get better.

In other news… I am taking my first trip away from my baby this week and I have so many mixed emotions about it I’m not sure how to handle it! I’m excited to get away with one of my BFF’s- I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving and even then it was a group outing and very little chance to catch up. She’s one of the most awesome and spontaneous people I have ever known and I’m so excited that she was willing to take a trip to Vegas with me on super short notice. I’m excited to take some time out for just me- to relax, de-stress, get a tan and most importantly- get some SLEEP. What I’m having an issue with is leaving my baby. I feel like a bad mommy for even remotely wanting to get away. I feel like I’m abandoning him and my husband. I already feel guilty for the lack of sleep my husband is about to endure. In the back of my mind, I know they both will be just fine and it’ll probably be good for my husband to have to “do it all” for once. One thing that can’t be fixed though is how much I will MISS my little baby. I haven’t been away from him for an extended period of time ever and it is going to gut me. He may cry and keep me up all night, but there is NOTHING like to feel of him falling asleep with me as we rock to the sounds of lullabies. My heart just swells with love every time I think of him, every time I see him.