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Wordless Wednesday: Fighting My Inner Grinch

I’ve talked about it before- how cranky the holidays make me. Here is how I have managed to fight my inner Grinch and make the best of the holiday season.

First there is my shopping woes. I just got this e-mail today which is adding to my crabbiness:

And as I mentioned in a previous post the disaster that was ordering online from ToysRUs. I didn’t get the shipment in time for my nephew’s 5th birthday party. I’m still cranky and disappointed over it and annoyed that I had to buy something else by physically going to a store during holiday madness time. However, no matter what I got for him, my nephew was happy:

I finally received the shipment yesterday and will be donating his original gift to Toys For Tots.

I’ve learned some lessons from all this: If you are going to shop online for Christmas presents, just pay the extra money to ensure that you have your shipment quickly and if all else fails, suck it up and just go to the store.

 Despite all of my shopping and family drama, I have a soft spot for Christmas. Every night, I also get to look at my pretty tree and it makes me smile in anticipation for all of the love and celebration that is to come.