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Wordless Wednesday: 35th Birthday Edition

As if I wasn’t crabby enough today, I’m now going to talk about my 35th birthday? What am I thinking?!!

So yes, I turned 35 and some of my profiles are now going to need updating. I can no longer click in the “25-34” box on surveys. Supposedly my fertility officially goes in the shitter at 35. However, someone told me I get an insurance break? That sounds like a positive.

I had a fantastic weekend celebrating and even though I paid for it for a couple days (yes… I had a two day hangover), I had a great time with friends and family.

My friends and I hooked up halfway between the Twin Cities and St. Cloud (so my St. Cloud friend could join in the fun as well as do some serious shopping damage with me). I’ll just say that even just a 1/2 hour outside of the cities is a whole different bar scene…

It’s blurry… but yes, someone wore this T-shirt out in public. For those who can’t read it, it says “There’s nothing like hitting the G Spot to put a smile on your face.” Only in a small town bar…

My friend singing Britney:

My friend was asked to dance by this guy… He was copying her moves.

Doing the Cupid Shuffle… Am I THE ONLY ONE who had never heard of this before? Am I showing my age by not knowing? Will I have to do it at my sister-in-law’s wedding this weekend? I recorded it so I can learn some moves…

Me & My BFF. Pre Black Velvet.

Me & My Friend & a Few Cocktails