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Motivation Monday: The Gym Daycare

Not sure where this cute kid’s center is but it is not at my club! 

For 3 years I have avoided the child center at the gym. Many of my mom friends both on and offline have mentioned their kiddos becoming sick after spending time in the gym’s child center and it always freaked me out. I mean, he gets enough germs going to his regular daycare and now I want to shove him into more? I don’t think so. Not to mention, the poor kid is in daycare 9 hours a a day Monday through Friday. The guilt of putting him into yet another one was too much to bear.

Until a week ago.

One of the other daycare moms sent me a note on Facebook asking if I would be interested in bringing Jackson to the child care at the gym to play with his best bud. They were recently split up into different rooms at daycare and I know they miss playing with each other terribly, so how could I say no? I figured after 3 years, what could happen!

I’ll tell you what happened. Strep happened.

Of course I cannot 100% confirm that he picked it up from the child care center at the gym, but there have been no reports of strep at his regular daycare- they ALWAYS post these illness outbreak announcements on the door as if a warning to say, “Guess what? You’ll have to stay home with your sick kid soon!” He hasn’t been anywhere or around anyone else who has been exposed so I could only make the assumption that he got it from the gym.

Being our first time with him having strep, I can definitely say I am not a fan. Poor kiddo had a fever of 102-103, couldn’t (and didn’t want to) eat anything and he wanted to snuggle. All day. Okay, okay… I’ll confess, the snuggling part was wonderful. It is the part that all moms love. Even though he was insanely miserable, he was snuggled up on my lap in the recliner, his little arms around my neck. I felt needed. With a preschooler, I feel like I spend more time disciplining and teaching and get very little time for snuggling. I soaked up every second of it because I’m sure tonight, he will tell me he wants to sit by himself in HIS chair.

He is feeling better but he is still home today with his daddy having what is I’m sure a grand time. When I called to check in, daddy was teaching the kid how to play the Wii. Yikes. What was I thinking leaving them home together?? I’m kidding of course. My husband is wonderful with him. Frankly, as I sit here working my ass off all day, I find myself being insanely jealous of their skip day.

With that said, will I bring him back to the gym? Maybe to go swimming or when he’s old enough to play on the computers, play outside on the giant playground or use the climbing wall I’ll consider it. Or, until he’s old enough to not care or notice whether or not we spend time together. For now, it is more important for me to spend my time WITH him considering we only get a couple of hours together a night. Yes, that means I will have challenges finding the time for a workout, but that is my issue. Not my kid’s.

My goal this week is to find the time to get my workouts in despite the whole lack of hours in the day thing. What is your goal this week?