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Fabulous Fit Friday: Fab Bod = Fab Fashion

There is one very important thing to know about me: I love to shop.

Being overweight made that habit somewhat depressing. I hated not being able to shop wherever I wanted and at most stores having to dig towards the back to get to the bigger sizes. Did I mention I’m short? So yes, in most instances, I prefer petite or ankle length. I was told at a Gap store once “Oh, you would have to buy ankle length online. We don’t carry the big sizes in store.”

Big sizes.

Ugh. While I know she didn’t mean to offend me and was simply stating a fact, I still felt wounded. And embarrassed. That was about a year and a half ago- and one of the many tipping points for me in starting my healthiness journey.

Topping the list of the best things about losing 42 pounds (and counting!) is being able to SHOP again. I am still hesitant to buy new clothes because I am uncertain what my final size will be when I make goal. The ladies at Medifast told me about a store called Clothes Mentor. Much like a consignment shop, this store is packed with tons of cute clothes and many designer labels (which makes my heart race!). It is a great option for me to buy some “in between” clothes to replace the ones that are literally falling off me. Yes… my pants nearly fell down when I was carrying a heavy box yesterday so it is definitely time to buy clothing that fits. I also plan to sell some of my bigger clothing to Clothes Mentor where they offer cash on the spot for gently used clothing.

Probably one of the thing that makes me the most excited is my ability to fit into designer jeans. Since the 5th grade, wearing my one pair of Guess jeans with the little triangle on my butt and zippers at the ankles, I have been obsessed with designer jeans. Yes, I am still (and probably will continue to be) at the top end of their size tier simply because that is the way my body (specifically my booty) is built. BUT, I can actually fit into them now and zip them without having to lay down or do the jumpy pull up tight pants dance. I am OBSESSED with a couple different online, invitation-only, boutiques that offer designer jeans and clothing at drastically discounted prices: Rue La La, Gilt Group and Zulily are my top picks and these links are my invitation to you to join in the shopping fun. Not only do these sites offer awesome women’s clothing, shoes and accessories but you can also get stuff for the kids, the husband and plenty of stuff for the home as well. I’m sooooo addicted to checking their sales every day. 

Today, I am picking up my newly hemmed William Rast “Ryley” jeans which I fully intend to change into at the seamstress. The funny part about these jeans? I had to hem so much off that they won’t be flare anymore. Ahhhh the joys of being short. I bought these jeans in January and haven’t been in able to fit into them until now. It is definitely worth a happy dance celebration! I also have a new pair of Rock & Republic jeans that are JUST a little too tight for my taste but should fit perfectly at goal. I have them in plain view in my closet as motivation to keep pushing forward to my goal.

The fashion diva that lives inside me can finally be FREE!!!!

Disclaimer: I am not getting compensated for shit to push any of these websites or brands. I just love them that much and am excited to share them with you!