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Pre-Vacation Jitters

We leave for Disney World TOMORROW!!!

I was really excited, like little kid excited, for about the last month. Until a little something called Tropical Storm Isaac decided to put a damper (no pun intended) on our plans.

A lot of people have asked us if we are still going on our trip and, yes, we are still going. While Isaac appears to be trending west and we will not have to experience a full on hurricane, we are facing facts: we are going to get WET. It is going to rain like hell. I expect to have some very bad hair photos from this vacation while wearing a most un-sexy poncho not to mention that there isn’t much of a likelihood I’ll be working on getting a golden tan.

However… There is a bright side! You know me, I always try to find the positive in every situation. We are hoping the crowds at the parks will be light which means we will quickly be able to go to all the rides and attractions we want to without a whole lot of waiting. Getting wet on water rides? Big deal! We’ll already be soaked from the tropical downpours.

In the case that Isaac decides to take a turn towards the most magical place on earth, you can basically leave it up to Disney to ensure that it stays the happiest place on the planet. I have read numerous accounts from people who witnessed Hurricane Charley back in 2004 who said Disney made it seem like all Charley did was mess up their hair a little bit. They evacuated people out of the park in a calm, collected manner. The resorts piped in a constant stream of Disney movies to keep their shut in guests entertained. I read that some resorts even brought in some characters to keep the magic going. Apparently the morning before Charley hit, they were only allowing resort guests into the park which meant really light crowds and plenty of time to have at least some Magic Kingdom experiences. The parks re-opened the next morning, albeit a little late, and my understanding is that you couldn’t even tell a hurricane plowed through because the staff was up all night cleaning up the debris. So, really, if you’re going to get trapped in a hurricane, I’m thinking Disney is definitely the right place to be! Check out this bloggers photos & story:

Am I still nervous? You bet. I’m traveling with my almost 4 year old son. For the first time. On an airplane. Into a potential hurricane. What kind of awful parent am I?

Regardless of what mother nature is trying to toss at us, she isn’t going to destroy our magic. It has been 27 years since I have been to Disney. I was 9 years old and I still remember it like it was yesterday. My Mickey ears. Riding Space Mountain for the first time. Staying at the Polynesian Village. Loving the luau but hating the food. Breakfast With Mickey.

I could go on and on…

Despite some sketchy weather, I feel so blessed and fortunate to be able to take my little boy to Disney World to experience the magic at such a young age. Heck, I feel blessed and fortunate to even HAVE a son to take to Disney.

Semi Wordless Wednesday: Valleyfair

If there is one thing I couldn’t wait for when I became a mom, it was to bring my boy to Valleyfair. For those of you who are not familiar, Valleyfair is a theme park. Six Flags calibur. Roller coaster awesomeness. I have been going to Valleyfair since I was about 5 years old. This moment… bringing my son here… I have no words for how excited I was. When our friends invited us to join them for the day, we jumped at the chance. It was also a chance to do some Disney training. Just 17 days to go!

It was an awesome day and I won’t forget his face at seeing all the roller coasters and even his fear of some of the kiddie rides. He was so brave and so well behaved all day. We were so proud.

Jack and Mason and Facepainting

Daddy & Jack driving the antique cars. A Valleyfair must. 

Jack’s first ride by himself. I was terrified. 

Watching the Peanuts show. They weren’t too sure what the hell was going on. 

Mason & Jack with Snoopy

His smile didn’t last long. 

Modern Day Ball Crawl

My beautiful family. 

Fabulous Fit Friday: Sum Sum Summertime!

Today is the last day of school for many kiddos. It is the last day of preschool 1 for mine! He moves into the next level up Preschool 2 room on Monday and we are of course oh so proud that he is transitioning rooms so quickly.

This week has been a challenge both mentally and physically. I rarely blog about work but it has really taken it’s toll on me this week. There has been more drama in the workplace than I care for and I cannot even tell you how grateful I am that it is Friday. I will NEVER understand how some people can be so inept at handling conflict resolution. I know not everyone is like me and can move on quickly from issues, but acting like a petulant child is never the professional thing to do. I have been trying to act like I don’t care abd blow it off, but deep down this person is causing me loads of anxiety. I keep hoping this person will just move on, but it isn’t looking that way. I just don’t get it. Grow up and act professional. We aren’t in high school anymore. Being called out on your mistakes is part of being in a professional job. How you handle them are what makes you a professional.

Physically, while there was no way on God’s green earth I was going to be able to workout twice a day, I have worked out every day. I think my body is finally feeling the wrath of it too. I’m quite sore today and physically just feeling exhausted and burnt out. The mental stress isn’t helping this situation either. I’m just feeling down and defeated after this long week.

On the other hand, I’m feeling GREAT because SUMMER IS HERE. I love that I can go running at night after the kiddo goes to bed without feeling that I’m going to get run over or attacked because it is too dark out. I love driving with all the windows open and my hair blowing everywhere. I love being able to sit outside on my lounge chair while the kiddo entertains himself in his pool, sprinkler, swingset (etc.) I realized the other day for the first time in, oh, YEARS that I had no qualms about putting a pair of short shorts on. I am getting much more comfortable with having less of me covered up. It’s a huge victory! 

Dinos at the Zoo?? Cool! 

This weekend is going to be a fun one. We are going to the special Dinos and Donuts day at the MN Zoo to see the dinosaur exhibit before the Zoo opens for the day. It’s hella early in the morning (we want to be there by 7:30a) but there will be a small amount of people compared to seeing the exhibit with the general public. I can’t wait to share our adventure! We will also be going to my 10 year old nephew’s final baseball game of the year on Saturday afternoon followed by some dinner at the Galaxy Drive In where I really have no idea what I will eat to stay on plan. A Diet Coke? Ugh. What to do??

My Handsome Nephew

Sunday will be all about enjoying the summer heat and letting the kiddo relax and play in the pool while mommy works on her tan.

I received some pretty rockin’ news today and my adrenaline is still coursing through my body over it. I can’t share yet, but I promise I will soon!

In the words of Rihanna…
Cheers to the freaking weekend
I drink to that.
Oh let the Jameson sink in
I drink to that.
Don’t let the bastards get you down
Turn it around with another round.

Have a great weekend!

Love Ingredients

Love. It is incredible how it changes over time.

For me, the ingredients that make up all the love in my heart is grown from my friends, family, husband, dog and especially my son.

My Elite Circle of Friends

Friend Love: I love my friends. Over the years, my circle of “besties” has gotten pretty small. I have just a handful of friends that are my go to girls. Two of them are old college roommates. We have gone through pretty much everything together not to mention extreme highs and lows in our friendships and I honestly cannot imagine my life without either of them in it. Sure, our friendships have morphed a bit throughout the past 15 years because of marriage and kids, but we’ve somehow managed to stick it out. A couple more friends I have met along they way in my adulthood journey and I love them just as much. They are my escape and I am grateful.

Family L-R, Aunt, Bro, SIL Sarah, Sis, Me

Family Love: I grew up in a pretty typical family: Two happily married parents, an older sister and younger brother. Even though we don’t get to see each other much these days, I love them. Unconditionally. I would do anything for my family. Enter marriage into the equation (including my siblings’ marriages): I acquired a whole new family to love, care for and worry about. It is incredible to me how natural and easy it is to love these people without question or reason simply because: they are family and they are forever.

Marriage: October 15, 2005

Married Love: Falling in love with my husband was like closing my eyes thinking I was diving into an empty, concrete pool yet safely landing on a giant pile of feathers. We were discussing the whirlwind courtship of his sister the other day (in a good way), and he said to me, “I absolutely knew that I was going to marry you after just 6 weeks.” Here I thought he was just stringing me along for the first two years… Married love is pretty awesome. Our relationship has changed immensely over the past nine years. It has been important to remember that the “crazy” new love stuff doesn’t last that long, but it is the deeper bonds of our history and dreams for our future that keep us together. Milestones such as getting married and having kids are just a few of the many pieces along the way that make our relationship and our married love so powerful. 

Me & My Girl Sadie

Pet Love: I can say without a doubt that I love my dog, Sadie. I didn’t always love her this much. As a puppy, I got frustrated easily with her and just WISHED that someday she would start listening. Guess what? Out of nowhere, she did and she’s perfect (weird… sounds a lot like kids huh?). I can also say without a doubt that my dog loves me back- she is the first one that I see when I come in the door to my house. She’s been with us for 8 years, so yeah, she’s getting up there in age. I know that we need to start considering that she maybe only has about 4-5 more years with us and I kid you not, it BREAKS my heart to even think of having to say goodbye. I am not certain how I am going to be able to function without my best dog in my life. She’s been there for me through the best and worst parts of the last 8 years and I love her so much. One moment I recall is after finding out that I was having a miscarriage, I was sobbing uncontrollably and she just jumped up next to me on the couch and put her head in my lap. I don’t know how she knows when things aren’t right, but she does and she’s always right there to offer her love. She’s amazing. I know she hasn’t been thrilled about giving up the spotlight to the little person, but I think she has really grown to love and be protective of her little brother over the past two and a half years.

A Mother’s Love: You would think this would be the longest section of all when it comes to love yet I have a difficult time coming up with the words to describe how deeply I feel about my son. I often hear people describe their children this way and I couldn’t agree more: My son is my heart out walking around. My heart just swells when I think of him. I think of his crazy arrival into the world and even though it shook us all to the core, I think it taught us the most important lesson in parenting: nothing ever goes as planned. My little boy is my everything and I would die for him. I have loved watching him grow into such a smart and loving person over the past 2.5 years and after dealing with fertility issues, I am still blown away that he is here and he is mine. He’s the most amazing, frustrating and hilarious person I have ever known. You would think if you LOVE someone this much, it would be easy to find the words to describe it, but I just can’t. It just is.

How Fast They Grow…
In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, what is love to you?