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Can I Get a Do Over For Today?

Today was one of THOSE days. Here is my story:

As I am getting ready for work this morning, around 6:20am I heard the rumble of thunder. I kicked it into high gear as I knew a larger crack of thunder would awaken my sweetly sleeping nearly 4 year old. I wasn’t fast enough. I was caught. Child did not want me to leave. Cue immense mom guilt.

In the torrential rain, I made my way to the bus transit station. Firstly, they need to work on the cracks in this structure. Even parked in a ramp, the leaky structure was spewing water everywhere. They also need to figure out a drainage system because my cutely skirted, high-heeled self was ankle deep in water crossing the road.

Drenched, I made it to the bus. I walked on, briefly turned to close my umbrella and completely and utterly biffed it. As in feet out from under me, not the least bit graceful, biffed it. Injured, both mentally and physically, I made my way to the far back of the bus where I could hide my head in embarrassed shame.

Still raining, I reach my destination. My adorable shoes squishing and my injured leg pounding, I made my way through the skyway to avoid any further rain mishaps. I get to my new dime-sized cube and realize, my skirt has twisted sideways, I had put my rings on the wrong fingers and my hair was a complete disaster. Did I mention they haven’t really figured out the temperature on my new floor? Not only am I drenched, but I am now freezing.

You would think I would have the smarts to stay put. But no. I venture out into the great big city for a Target run as my hair was in desperation for a band, I was out of gum and embarrassingly enough, needed to buy a product that puts the fear in any consumer. Thank god for Target downtown and their self-checkout lanes. Nobody had to witness my embarrassing purchase. That was until two young gals obviously up to no good set off the store alarm at the same moment I walked through. In that mortifying moment I had to produce my receipt and show my goods. On the walk of shame back to my office, I did what any food addict does and stopped for lunch at Erbert & Gerbert’s. I guess I could have made worse choices, but nonetheless, 700 calories later, I continue to pile on the shame.

So, here I sit, praying that I have no more horrific moments. Praying that the sun will stay out until I am safely back at home. Praying I remember the huge metal thing under my desk so I can stop whacking my knee on it every time I cross my legs. Praying nobody is watching me blog when I should be working. Praying the thunderstorm threat for this evening will fizzle and we’ll all get a good night’s sleep.

There is good on the horizon. I am 10 days from my dream family vacation to Disney! Despite some deeply seated fears that my child will throw a tantrum on the airplane and we’ll have to be removed, I am beyond excited. Not only is this my child’s first trip to Disney, but it is my husband’s as well. I seriously cannot wait to see the look on both of their faces when they see that castle for the first time. My husband has many more fears than I do about the trip that include my above-mentioned fear of an airplane temper tantrum but also hurricanes and theft. LOL. The threat of a hurricane in the next 15 days appears to be minimal, so I am not worried about weather in the least. Yes, it will be hot. Yes, we will get tired. I. Don’t. Care. I am going to do everything I can to stay positive and light-hearted about our first “real” family vacation.

Despite my overly embarrassing day, I am staying positive. I mean, how much worse can it get??